Bishop & Council

The Convention of the Diocese has an annual meeting each year in November to elect officers and committees of the Diocese, approve the budget of Diocese, and make other important decisions for the Diocese. The Bishop and Council (the Council) serves as the Board of Directors of the Diocese and is authorized to exercise all the powers, with a few exceptions, of the Convention between meetings of the Convention. The Council implements the decisions of the Convention and oversees the executive and administrative functions of the Diocese, including approving policies and programs of the Diocese. It also oversees the disbursement of Diocesan funds in a manner that is consistent with the Diocesan budget.

The Bishop serves as the President of the Diocese and as the Chair of the Council, presiding at its meetings. Six members of the clergy and six lay persons of the Diocese serve on the Council. At each annual meeting of the Convention three members are elected to serve four-year terms. In odd numbered years, two members of the clergy (at least one of whom must be serving a congregation outside Shelby County) and one lay person are elected; in even-numbered years two lay persons (at least one of whom must be from a congregation outside Shelby County) and one member of the clergy are elected. The Council typically meets six times per year.

The Rev. Dr. Jesse Abell (Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Memphis)
Ms. Susan Kenny (Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, Collierville)
The Rev. Miranda Cully (St. John’s Episcopal Church, Memphis)
Mr. Steve Smith (Immanuel Episcopal Church, LaGrange)
Ms. Ann Duncan (Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis)
The Rev. Gary Meade (Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church, Dyersburg)
The Rev. Richard Fletcher
The Hon. Elijah Noel, Jr. (Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Memphis)
The Rev. Gerri Endicott (Church of the Holy Apostles, Collierville)
Mr. Mike Miller (St. James Episcopal Church, Union City)
Ms. Kate Trammell (St. John’s Episcopal Church, Memphis)