Vital Christian Community in West Tennessee

To our diocesan family:

I’m here to let you know about a special edition of our weekly e-newsletter that begins today.

Last Thursday at Grace-St. Luke’s in Memphis, there was a diocesan workshop presented by the Reverend Phil Brochard and the Reverend Canon Alissa Newton, authors of Vital Christian Community: 12 Characteristics of Healthy Congregations. You can purchase the book here.
More than 50 Episcopalians from 13 churches and from the Diocesan office were present for this wonderful beginning conversation about the characteristics of healthy congregations and how to encourage greater health in our diocesan system. There are 12 chapters in this book, each of which covers one of the characteristics that the authors believe are signs of congregational vitality, and so every Thursday for the next several months, there will be a special version of our email where we will explore one of the characteristics so that our entire diocesan family can learn more. We encourage you to purchase a copy of this book and to encourage your vestry or mission council to read it together; we understand that every context is different, so what works in one congregation won’t necessarily work in another.

Join us on this journey to facilitate greater growth and wholeness in the Diocese of West Tennessee.

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