2024 Bishop’s Missionary’s Appeal

Dear Friends in Christ,

This letter outlines the 2024 Bishop’s Missionary Appeal (BMA) and invites you to participate. 

As we live into what it means to be the church of the 21st century, it is essential to have clergy who are equipped to handle the demands of the current era. The last group of seminarians from West Tennessee graduated in the spring of 2021. Since then, the Commission on Ministry – the diocesan group responsible for overseeing the discernment process – has evaluated the effectiveness of the process and recommended some changes. There are now five persons preparing for ordination from our diocese. Three are currently enrolled in seminary, one will begin their studies this fall, and the fifth will begin their studies in January 2025. Several other individuals have expressed an interest in starting the discernment process. Their willingness to serve the church in this capacity is a sign of hope.

The diocese provides financial support to our seminarians and curates as well as mentors to support them during their formation. Given the number of people in the ordination process, funds collected as part of the 2024 BMA will be dedicated to seminarians and curates. It is our expectation that all individuals sponsored by the Diocese of West Tennessee will serve congregations in our diocese following their ordination.

Traditionally, a contribution of at least $1,000 has been requested for the BMA. If you are able to give at that level, please do so. However, no amount is too small, and any gift is greatly appreciated. You can send a check to the diocese or give securely online at by clicking here.

There are other ways of donating, including gifts of appreciated stock. The diocese has a brokerage account to which gifts can be made, so please call our office for that information and let us know the security you intend to give as well as the approximate amount of that gift.  Individuals who are currently over the age of 70.5 can make gifts from your IRA required minimum distribution. Before choosing either of these options, PLEASE check with your tax or financial advisor to be sure these methods of giving are appropriate for your current situation. 

Thank you for considering a donation to this year’s Bishop’s Missionary Appeal.  May you have a blessed Holy Week and Easter. 


Bishop Phoebe

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