New Series: Nurturing the Next Generation

Children and youth are more resilent than we can imagine, but as we move into the third year of pandemic life, how can we as adults help our children blossom and thrive in an ever-changing landscape that looks very different from that of our own childhoods?

This Spring on Faithfully Memphis, the weekly podcast from the EDWTN, leaders from across the EDWTN will take part in a series of conversations around creating a Beloved Community that values our children and youth. This series is for everyone, even those who are not actively parenting.

Tune in live on WYXR 91.7 FM each Thursday morning at 8 a.m. CST, or listen to the show on the Faithfully Memphis podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and a variety of other platforms.


February 17: Mindfulness Matters | Bishop Phoebe talks with Noah Glenn, creator and host of the family mindfulness podcast Like You, about how the lessons of mindfulness and meditation are for everyone – including children and families.

February 24: This Little Light of Mine | Emily Austin interviews retired educator Sandra Turner about the impact early childhood education can have on families and communities, and how we can live our faith in secular settings.

March 3: Praying Off Script | Drew Massengale, Minister to Children at Holy Communion, sits down with Mary Henry Thompson, Lower School Chaplain at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, for what is sure to be an animated conversation about creatively unlocking children’s desire for God.

March 10: You’ve Got a Friend in Me | Allison Pace, Minister of Parish Family at Saint John’s, facililates an intergenerational conversation with Katherine Pace and Betty Peyton, whose special friendship shows how children and seniors can have rich, meaningful relationships.

March 17: Invest in Youth | Cynthia McCarty, Director of Children and Youth Ministry at Holy Apostles, brings together leaders from the Center for Youth Ministry Training for a robust discussion around cultivating impactful youth ministers.

March 24: Teaming Up | Carter Webster and Gabbie Munn, both youth ministers in the EDWTN, return to Faithfully Memphis to talk about all things youth ministry.

March 31: Love Thy Neighbor | Bishop Phoebe interviews Iletha Washington, Director of the Miriam Child Development Center at the United Methodist Neighborhood Center (UMNC-M), and the Reverend Mark Matheny. Founded in 1907, the UMNC-M is a partnership of churches and neighbors serving one another in Christian love, ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of families who need a helping hand.

April 7: Love Heals | Maggie Schaumleffel, Family & Communications Coordinator at St. George’s Episcopal Church, sits down with leaders from Episcopal Recovery for a discussion about issues facing children of parents in recovery.

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