The Diocese of West Tennessee is proud to announce the young people selected to serve on the Diocesan Youth Council. To learn more about diocesan youth ministry, go to

Thomas Meinhart
Home Church: Saint Andrews (Collierville) • 9th grade at Fayette Academy

I believe in this program and what it could become. I want to be as big of a part of the next generation of Christians as I can and help in every way that I can so that when the time comes and we become the new generation of leaders in our church, we can make the church stronger and more faithful than it ever has been in the past.

Emily Poindexter
Home Church: Holy Communion (Memphis) • 10th grade at St. Mary's Episcopal School

I feel that my church’s Episcopal youth community (EYC) has given me a lot in my life, and I would like the chance to give back. I did a church camp once with about three different youth groups. I knew about two people there when I first walked in. Over the three-day camp, I made so many friendships that I still have today. This opened my eyes to so many other people just like me that I would have never gotten to meet. At my small youth group, everybody knows each other, but seeing so many new faces brought me so much joy.

Alana Wade
Home Church: Holy Communion (Memphis) • 10th grade at St. Mary's Episcopal School

My faith is an important part of my life, and it would be significantly different without it. It is something I rely on throughout daily life, and it is similar to companionship, but better than any companionship I will ever have. Because it is always there no matter what, times of need or not, always listens, and provides me with a community I can rely on. It is hard to put into words, but it is a necessary part of my life that I use every single day.

Jackson Webster
Home Church: Saint Andrews (Collierville) • 12th grade at Houston High School

My faith is what drives me to do right and help others. It is also what keeps me involved in the church even when most of my friends are not. I believe that faith is not just believing in Christ, but also the help that you can provide for others as well. My faith has allowed me numerous opportunities that I never would of had, and I know that it is one of the most important things that I possess. Faith is way more than just believing in Christ. To me, my faith is what guides me to do right from wrong and to help those around me in need.

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